Future Development


Tajen University is a school filled with management concepts regarding health, leisure, society, welfare, and business management.

  1. In order to cope with the school’s five-year development plan to be upgraded into Tajen University, the Department designs and adjusts curricula and teaching objectives in terms of the school’s academic features so as to equip students with science and technology integrated trainings in professional application of foreign languages.

  2. With the distinguished foreign sister universities, the Department offers academic exchange activities such as student-exchange programs, study tours, field trips, teaching demonstration activities, and short-term studies.

  3. The Department designs school-to-work programs through cooperation with the business and industry communities in Pingtung, Kaohsiung and Tainan areas to provide students with job trainings or language teaching practices during normal time, summer and winter vacations.

  4. In order to practice the concept of "life-long learning and general foreign languages proficiency acquiring ," the Department, based upon different ages and individual needs, offers the community Continuing Education as the channel of foreign language acquisition.


The Department trains the following professionals:

        1. administrative secretaries

        2. customer service representatives

        3. editorial and translating assistants

        4. teaching assistants of foreign languages

        5. interpreters and translators

        6. foreign languages teachers (English and Japanese teachers for children)

        7. sales representatives

        8. personnel of cultural industries.

        9. diplomats, professionals of economy, trade, and mass media.