Future Outlook

Based on the principles as regulated by our school, the department stresses on developing students’ abilities in Japanese language. With our education, students will be able to work in the field of education, and business. Our education puts emphasis   both on theory and practice, so that students will be able to meet the actual needs and challenges of enterprises and future trends.

1.The requirements of enterprises

Because of the rapid development of modern technology and business, the world is undergoing a drastic change. To meet the challenges of the modern world, the business enterprises of our country is now facing a difficult time of transformation. To meet the competitions as undergoing in the whole world, our country is trying to cultivate its people with a sense of competition and an international outlook. Thus our department was established for this need. For the purpose of meeting the world’s challenges, our department stresses on strengthening students’ knowledge of foreign culture, and business and information management.

2.Knowledge acquirement

The department stresses especially on putting students’ acquired knowledge into actual practice. Thus, we cooperate with business corporations of our society and have an intimate relationship with our neighborhood district so as to discover and meet their actual needs.

3.Technology development

To furnish our students with a knowledge of the development of modern technology, we try to infuse students with a sense of the cooperation of technology, business and education. We furnish our class rooms with multimedia equipment. And to further our teachers’ teaching, we encourage our teachers to take part in activities that are related to the modern world.

4.Future outlook

To meet the challenges of the modern world, our education stresses on students’ developing both their professional knowledge of the Japanese language and culture, and their proficiency in putting their knowledge of modern technology to actual use.  We develop an intimate cooperation of our department with the neighborhood elementary schools. Students go to the neighborhood elementary schools to practice their knowledge and develop their abilities of teaching.