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Educational Objectives

The department holds several purposes.

1.To develop students’ proficiency in Japanese communication and their knowledge of Japanese culture.

2.To develop students’ knowledge in business, education, and tourism. Thus, with their profession training, they can work in such fields with

 high sufficiency.

To achieve such aims, the department puts great emphasis on practical training, putting students in true-to –life learning environment. We have several foreign teachers who always engage students in actual life Japanese communication and who always furnish students with knowledge of their culture.  And to enrich our teaching of practical knowledge, we have our teachers cooperate with enterprises and have experts come to furnish our students of knowledge of their profession.  We hold programs of business and cooperate with the Department of Tourism to develop students’ knowledge of business and tourism.  And, to enhance students’ learning effects, we furnish our classrooms with multi-media equipment, engage students in Japanese learning competition activities such as Japanese singing competition, and Japanese speech competition etc.  and finally we send our students abroad to develop their professional abilities.


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